The New YotBlog

YotBlog was originally set up in March 2005 as a free blogging platform offering yachties and other people with boaty lives an opportunity to record their cruising logs and let friends know how they are getting on, to record the progress of their nautical projects, training or whatever . . .

It was a good system, but it was sold by the creators to a dodgy bunch called Splashpress Media who failed to keep it the software platform up to date. As a result, it became vulnerable to hackers and it was decided to shut it down. It still exists at but will disappear later this year.

Now at the beginning of 2011 platform, we have set up this WordPress multi-user site which offers much better, more secure blogging facilities on a plaform that is going to continue to be supported. There are no automatic user sign-ups – if you want to request a blog then please e-mail me or PM me from the BlueMoment Forum and I will set one up for you.

In addition to  your blog the site will allow you to create any number of static pages. Editing is straightforward and you can add photo galleries. Total space is currently limited to 10MB, but this can be increased on request.

Details of how to migrate your existing posts will be supplied to anyone with an existing blog, and as much help as you need will be given to help you get started. Blogs will only be set up for people who we believe will provide an interesting and entertaining read for the BlueMoment community, and no commercial use will be tolerated.

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